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Grammar. a qualifying, explanatory, or appositive word, phrase, clause, or sentence that interrupts a syntactic construction without otherwise affecting it, having often a characteristic intonation and indicated in writing by commas, parentheses, or dashes, as in William Smith—you must know him—is coming tonight. an interval.

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Don’t for one second believe the award hype of Up in the Air, it was one of the biggest let downs of last year like Julian Casablancas’s Phrazes for the Young, all hype no filling. It resonated with mostly females though because George ( I date hot common chicks/ Italians half my age on the reg) plays his role of Ryan Bingham with such pure vulnerability, you forget it’s Clooney the international playboy. Even though he get’s his comeuppins in the end, don’t get it twisted it’s no Michael Clayton… a way better movie. But this isn’t a movie review. Slight spoiler alert….

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In the crucial scene where Clooney’s character goes all in and decides to really go for the girl only to get a surprise dick sandwich rejection. She calls to explain her actions, letting him know that he’s not the type of guy that women actually settle down with in a serious relationship. He’s just the guy women bang for a while to have a story to tell. He’s an escape from the day to day monotony of their “real lives”. The final blow is when she calls him a parenthesis. As if to say if her life was a book he wouldn’t even be a chapter, a paragraph, not even a sentence. DAMN! The look on Clooney’s face is priceless, the look of a man who spent his whole life thinking he was getting over on the world then realizing no one ever really cared. Caution this could be any of us.

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If you’re out here running game all over town and doing it well eventually you’ll run into a situation like this. If your reputation as a ladies man proceeds you, often women will just get with you for a verity of reasons you don’t even realize. To see what all the hype is about, to brag to her friends then blast you in the same conversation (99% of the time will state how small your genitalia is). Most of the time though they just want a no strings attached bang before they decide to get back to dating and being in real relationships. This is of course is all good if you yourself are just looking for a notch or if you write a blog about picking up chicks.

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But if you actually catch real feeling for a girl and want to take a quick time out from the game there is no way in hell she must ever EVER know about your playboy past. Absolutely nothing good can come of it. This will be held over your past as a source of her insecurities and the ace to win all arguments. It doesn’t matter as much with younger women 25 and under. But after that a woman’s need for self-perservaion quickly escalates. This doesn’t really matter though because again game can get you the notch but from notch to relationship we’re talking about a whole different set of rules. One is an all out attack on a battlefield the other is more like espionage. Both if used correctly win all wars. The main point though is to decide early what exactly you want then play accordingly. Don’t ever for one second though think because you’re running game on a girl that she’s not capable of running it right back. Respect your enemy and avoid dick sandwiches.. the lack of salt will help you live longer.

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